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PT500 is all about helping local people achieve their fitness goals. It's our mission to make the positive impact on the lives of 500 local people every year... that's why we're called PT500! We do this by improving the level of fitness through exercise and nutrition.

The best thing is, everyone is eligible to join PT500 and get fitter. we accept all ages, fitness levels... nobody gets left behind.

We do this by giving people that personal touch back when it comes to training in our private studio in Hedge End. Combined with the experienced, motivating and friendly personal trainers who will educate you on how to eat well and exercise properly.

For example.. the word diet is banned here. We won't advise you to cut out carbs, take hunger suppressants or go on juice diets. We educate you to realise that you need all food groups and need to feed your body in order to lose fat and get toned.

Another example is that training with us offers far more than just going to the gym. Our workouts are fun, structured and focused around you and your GOALS.


Bring back that personal touch

We believe it's fair to say that the majority have tried a commercial gym at some point. They are great to start with, they are cheap, have loads of equipment, but what they dont have is dedication to you and your results.

We dont want you to be just a number in a class. That is why we have created a private training studio. Here at our studio everyone matters, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your results. From a personal training session to classes you will always receive the help you need.  



Personal Trainer, Owner

Andy was always generally fit and active in his younger years, but it wasn't until he joined the Army that he found his passion for fitness. After leaving the army his journey of becoming a personal trainer began.


Starting inside a commercial gym he grew a great member base and then decided to go out on his own and start PT500.


Personal Trainer

Linda's fitness journey started slightly different. After joining a gym Linda found lack of direction and motivation when it came to exercising. Taking the leap she booked her first PT session with Andy.

Vowing she would never go back, she did. With a little nudge she then qualified and started working with Andy.

Gary Leamon

Junior Personal Trainer

Gary's journey with fitness started early on, always a very keen sport enthusiast. Having achieved GCSE level, he continued on to A level. However his time was cut short due to life changing circumstances. 

Years later after attending a 80-20 class ran by Andy, he was inspired to start again. Gary was encouraged by Andy and has worked hard to become a fully qualified personal trainer.

Adrian Robinson

PT500 Manager

Adrian's background is road bike racing, with Paris Brest Paris, Tour of Flanders, and numerous race wins to his name. These days, Adrian trains for obstacle course races, boxing, football and swim run events.


Adrian is involved in running the gym but is working towards becoming a boxing and OCR coach.


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