The perfect combination of 1-2-1 and group classes. With a wide variety of courses ran every week there is sure to be something for everyone.


Get the knowledge you need to improve your health and fitness whilst staying motivated by training with other like minded people. Our courses are designed to be structured and progressive to ensure you improve with each and every session.


Keeping it flexible

With our courses running back to back  you'll never have to wait for the start of another course!

With our memberships full of varied courses running multiple sessions each week, you can solely focus on one course at a time or you can mix and match to suit your preference, timetable and goals.


Structured & Progressive

Progressive overload is the foundation of success! Our courses are designed to gradually increase intensity, workload and difficulty to ensure you reach your goals.

Training with correct technique is vital to avoid injury and get the very best out of your workouts, having a qualified PT to teach and coach you can maximise your results.



Our wide range of courses focus on different goals, changing abilities and multiple equipment and exercises. Explore what course is best for you below.



Complete fitness is the goal of this full body workout course. If you want to improve your strength, fitness, endurance, flexibility and overall health then this is for you.

With our well rounded approach to training, CFB is perfect to get you closer to your goal, whatever it is. Helping you build muscle, burn body fat and boost your confidence inside, and outside, of the gym.



For the early risers who love a sweaty start to the day. these energetic and varied workouts that push you to work harder and start the day in the most positive way.

The mixture of circuits, bootcamp and HIIT makes this sunrise session a highly enjoyable workout



Designed to use multiple energy  systems, MET42 keeps burning calories hours afterwards.

Interval training is the best style off training for maximum effort and maximum results. working at high intensity with short rest periods triggers the after burn effect meaning you'll still be burning fat up to 48hrs after your workout.



Strength is the goal of this course! Building strength through key, compound and functional movements such as squat and deadlifts.

Learn to perfect your technique under the watchful eye of a coach, and then have the chance to put it to the test in a conditioning style workout.


Trim & Tone


Feel comfortable and at ease while you train in this all female environment whilst you go through effective exercises and workouts to target your most troubled areas.

Fat burning circuits combined with muscle toning movements makes Trim and Tone perfect for any female looking to change how they look and feel, as well as feel confident in the gym.




This boxing fitness session is the ultimate way to have fun whilst improving your health and fitness. Trust us when we say you won't be able to find a more enjoyable way to burn calories.

Learn all the skill and drills you will see from a professional boxer in a safe and controlled enviroment with our England boxing coach Adrian.