• Andrew Mason


How many people do you hear say just that? Some people even say it while grabbing a handful of fat to show what they want to lose.

But should weight be all we concentrate on?

When we stand on the scales most of us look down at the number between our toes and stare. The number we see determines how we feel about our bodies. If we are losing weight, this can be really motivational, but if we aren't we stare in despair wondering what we did "wrong."

Your clothes getting looser is a great thing to focus on

Maybe it is time for a change. Instead of focusing on how many pounds or kilos we have lost, maybe we should be looking at how much fat we have lost (which,

most cases, scales can't tell you).

In the article Key Reasons to Ditch the Scale Paige Waehner states:

"Losing weight may make you happy but, what if you found out you were losing muscle, not fat? Losing muscle lowers metabolism and, eventually, contributes to a loss of mobility and power.

This is one instance where the scale can lie, especially for new exercisers beginning a strength training program. It's possible to lose inches without losing weight, which means you're getting results even if they aren't showing up the way you're used to seeing them.

This is something you may experience when you step on a scale and see that there's no change. Maybe your clothes are fitting differently so you know something is happening, but the scale just isn't showing those changes.

You may wonder, "Why haven't I seen any results?" If you're experiencing this, one question to ask yourself is:

  • Why do you believe the scale over your own experience? If you’re buying smaller clothes, you’re losing fat no matter what the scale says.

Too often, we believe what the scale is telling us rather than what’s in front of our own eyes, leaving us discouraged and frustrated rather than celebrating success."

Maybe it is time to stop focusing on the scales and start to focus on how your body shape is changing and how your lifestyle is getting healthier.

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